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What People Are Saying

Michelle McLeod-O'Toole

Currently in couples sessions with my wife. My wife and I have been together for 13 years and found ourselves in a place where we had forgotten how to actively listen and were struggling to communicate with each other. We were wondering if our relationship had become too much like hard work and were stuck in a rut, we had both developed toxic traits that were making each other miserable. Danelle has helped us to start listening and understanding what the other person is saying, validating how they feel and take responsibility for our part. She is understanding, supportive and has helped us regain a sense of trust, excitement and admiration in each other once again.


I appreciated her knowledge, skills and empathy. I highly recommend her!


I went to Danelle for EMDR because my CBT therapist had recommended her. I had a traumatic birth of my son and no matter what I tried, I could not get past the trauma. Every time I saw something on tv that reminded me I would burst into tears. Ms. Hollenbeck helped me identify and process this traumatic event and previous events where I felt not good enough. I can't believe how well EMDR works