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Efficacy of Biosound Therapy System

Outcome Research Efficacy of the Biosound Therapy System By: Richard D. Froilán-Dávila PhD & William B. Secor PhD Abstract The research examined the Biosound Therapy System, which was designed to enhance the treatment of addiction disorders and symptoms associated with them. The research examined the client’s self-reports on several physiological, psychological, and emotional variables of stress, racing thoughts, cravings, anger, impulsive behavior, depression, fear, body aches, muscle tension, and headaches. Each client was presented with a Likert type 10-point scale with 10 being the most severe and 1 being the least and they were to rate themselves both pre-test and post-test after each session. Each response was averaged over all sessions to determine if there was either a decrease or increase in their symptomatology associated with each variable. A statistical evaluation was performed to determine if the readings were statistically significant. The pretest and post-test scores were averaged for each client in each program based on any reduction or increase in their responses to the various variables from their pre-test scores. There was a statistically significant reduction between their higher pre-test scores, versus their post-test scores.

The chart shows the average of all 3000+ pre-